You search your whole life for aliens and spaceships. Then is seen a spaceship in your neighbourhood. Yo go quick there and start your investigation!



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Cute story. Kudos for doing it all in HTML and Javascript. I do think you could have made a bit more varied use of the commands and thus made it a bit more challenging.

(Oddly enough, I didn't hear the cool music in Firefox - later listened to it in Chrome)

thank you for playing! Yes, the riddles could be more challenging

The music was a banger! Good job, had fun!

thank you for playing! yes, the musician is named Zhelanov, and he is the best music-man i know for my games!

good goood

thank you for playing!

game it is intriguing, a little difficult to play, i wish i could move faster and smoother... and some more indications

what you mean with indications?

which keys to use? (up and down seems to stuck the player). any other keys in game?

you move with cursor left and right...and the other things you make with the mouse