You are on a mission in 1939 in France

Story by Michael J Nurney

Controls: Mouse, player moves with cursor-keys

I have made for my adventures an own engine in javascript.

(to give an item go to the person, some pixel to the right of the most left pixel of the person and click: GIVE,item,GIVE,GIVE)

(bugfixed on 28-10-2023)


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The controls were confusing and I didn't get how to play this game. It would be nice to have feedback for the player interaction and some help how to play.

Edit: Actually a feasible game, but the controls need more improvement and the puzzle design is too linear for my taste. It would be also nice to highlight the characters, items and objects. Well done!

congratulations on getting this done, and with your own engine! wow, that's amazing, I can't even imagine how hard that could be. I couldn't get the mechanic very well. but I did some gameplay so maybe you can find where I am doing things wrong: 

thank you for the video!