Find two pieces each time which belongs together. The color doesn't matter. It is surely no random, the pieces have system! Maybe you must try it not only onetime. I have given the player 5 lives. (When you put two pieces which don't belong together you lose a life). Control is with Mouse (with lmb you select, with rmb you make undo)

I made this game in 3 hours!!

(bugfixed on 19-03-2023)


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Fun game, Am I supposed to be able to match the already clicked (pink with purple smiles) tiles?


thank you for your mail! I have fixed it now.

Good job

Cool game, although I found a bug, when you select the selected piece again (or doubleclick) then it counts as a pair.

Same here. I think it is not a bug though... maybe if the piece has no pair, you have to select itself. Maybe, who knows. Not super clear.

Apart from that, it is a fine game. No other bugs, not really innovative though. Nice work for 3h!

it was a bug, I have fixed it now. The pieces have pairs. Yes, it is not much coding innovative, the main part of the game are the graphic of the pieces.

thank you for your mail! I have fixed it now