You must get the keys in each level. Avoid the devils!

(bugfixed on 15-10-2023)

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Nice Game Bardon. I managed to win. I wasn't sure if the game worked when I first started as it did nothing for a few seconds. I noticed some keys seemed to disappear a bit before I touched them while others needed me to hover right on top. I'm wondering if the hit boxes are slightly off?

I love the player graphic, it's really slick. The enemies are cool too. Also appreciated the speed-up bonus. Wasn't sure about the P, so I picked it up and it seems to be poison (but I didn't die)?

I really like small games since I don't have tonnes of time, and I really enjoyed this one!

thank you for playing! the p-extra makes you invincible

I almost got the last key and my character disappeared D:


Same. It's in the lava level. You should also make a noise when you grab an item. 


thank you for your mail! I have fixed it