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You are in a ghost village.  There are eight zombies!!! Touch them and after a while they are killed. But then You lose energy. To get new energy You must touch your girlfriend,  You must find her.

Kill all zombies!!!

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Girlfriend is new waifu


Interesting game..

If you try and enter a house, the player bugs out a bit and the camera starts rotating to the right a lot.

The music doesn't fit :) It's way too EPIC for a horror game.

Every zombie takes 501 energy to kill, so I had to run back to the girl after each zombie kill.

Ending could have been expanded more on, give us something cool for slaying all the zombies!


Can I ask if you made this game with the HPS1 Summer of Shivers Jam in mind? I haven't had a chance  to try the game but I get the feeling the game was added to our jam on a whim. Regardless I would suggest providing proper screenshots on your game page so people can have an idea what they're going to play if they decide to download the game. 

If the game was not intended as an entry to our jam please remove it.


it was for the jam, of course. the characters there were low-poly and it was horror. How You can suggest about a game and don't play it? The next time please play the game and test it when you want to critize it! Don't judge a game by it's cover!

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I didn't mean to criticise you it's just, ideally I should be able to tell by the cover or (as I mentioned) screenshots that a game fits the jam. There's a lot that goes into running a jam and there's a bit of an issue I've had in the las t 8-10 jams I've run where people will submit unrelated games. Images of the game can really help avoid this happening and make the jam host's job much much easier. Congratulations on entering, I look forward to trying the game when I have time after the jam. (well hopefully I'll have time ':D )

Would really appreciate some screenshots on the page, and I'm sure it would help others find and get interested in the game if you added them.

Sorry if I came off a bit harsh, just fed up with people in other cases submitting games that weren't even uploaded to itch during the game jam. My mistake, hope you'll accept my apology.


Cute and funny.  The girlfriend looks like Dora LOL

nice video!