You are the flower and must get the green balls in the matrix. Avoid the red ball(s)

control: cursorkeys, 4 levels

(bugfixed on 23-07-2023)


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great game a bit easy

yes, maybe the enemy should be faster.

Hey guys, good job on your submission in general!
A few things to keep in mind for the future would be:

  • to either update the description to include the use of the spacebar to begin the game or on the interface,
  • to make sure the game has a defined barrier as you can often make your way out of the visible play area, and I believe the green ball spawned out of said zone on the second level

thank you for your mail! sorry, all my games is to start with space-bar. i think that is the key everybody press the first time. (and all my c64-game was pressing space-bar without saying it)

thank you for your advice with the green ball. now it only respawn in the visible field, i have uploaded the new version now