You are in the Forbidden Forest. It is forbidden to go there because there are monsters. Kill all ten monsters in each level.

Control: cursor-keys and space-bar

4 levels


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  • Artwork seems nice
  • Might want to detach the arrow from the player so it's a bit harder; controlling the arrow seems a bit too easy
  • Enemies a little hard to find? Should spawn a bit quicker
  • The white UI text on black background makes it easy to read
  • Music seems very appropriate for the aesthetic :)
  • Unlimited arrows also seems to make the game a bit too easy; might want to have a limited number or you can only fire every X seconds or...

thank you for playing! yes,limited ammo would be better, it is to easy the game

Odd. Creatures don't seem to be spawning properly, go for ages without seeing one - and when I do kill one, the count doesn't go up?

i have fixed it!