Aliens have discovered our planet. They are very aggressive, the end of our planet is near. Kill al aliens! 4 levels. Control is with mouse


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I think this game could be improved by just spawning more enemys and increasing the fire rate :D, nice one

yes, maybe that could be better

once you get like half way through the level the enemy ships just start spawning off the screen. fun tho GJ

ohh, that i didnt know

pretty cool game :)

thank you! 

yes, you have won!

6700 :p

Pretty normal space shooter game.


  • Solid space shooter replicate.
  • Good difficulty because of the long shooting cooldown so each bullet matters, and the zip-zag moving pattern of aliens.
  • Nice music


  • Are there difference between levels? I don't observe any change of difficulty. The only thing difference is the aliens' spaceship.
  • Hitbox of aliens' spaceship doesn't include the whole ship. The wings aren't included.
  • No restart button
  • Points system pretty weird. On my first try I got 1000 points when I enter level 2. But on my second try I got 2500 points without killing anything.
  • No pause menu

Not sure is this known but in reality the player has 4 lives as you can see in my last image provided.


Anyway keep up the effort :D

yes, there is not much difference between the levels. when you come to the next level you get extra-points. I made the hitboxes a little bit smaller, so it's easier. ok, no pause-menue