You are Hurrican. Your friend Turrican killed all little monsters. You must kill now the endbosses.

4 levels, Control: cursor-keys and space-bar

I made this game in 3 hours!!

(bugfixed on 07-05-2023)


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I think the game don't need left-right movement at all. 

Almost broke my spacebar :D

And there is a little bug: if you hold the up key while landing, you would not be able to jump any more.

thank you for your mail! ohh, you are right, there is a bug. now it's too late

There it's a nice game ! Graphics, music are good but be careful : if we go behind the boss, he can't shoot us, so it become easy to kill him. 


thank you for your mail! I have fixed it, now you can't go behind the boss