You visit a smallvillage in Old Egypt. You have nothing but a 'Desert Rose'. Maybe someone takes it for you and give you something for it...

Moving is with cursor-keys.

I have made this game in 3 hours!!!


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GG to the all team ! I am new in the "Trijam world" and I really hope to make games like this in the future.


thank you! I hope you have much fun in trijam-world

Very nice.  Why don't you make a game that is more ambitious?  Spend like 1 full week on it?

i have made in this style greater games with unity.

for example --> Last GameBoy by Bardon (

or --> Present of Miku by Bardon (

game jam but yeah maybe you could make a better version 

it was only for the trijam, made in 3 hours

I have made bigger games in this style in 3D:

Last GameBoy by Bardon (

Present of Miku by Bardon (

Nottingham Castle by Bardon (