You race on 4 courses. There are 3 buttons: move left, move right and jump


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This was a very nice experience! The pixel art was great. Did you create several frames for each car for the changing perspective? That was cool.

The courses each had their won vibe and I loved them. I actually think course 2-4 were much better than the first and putting any of those first instead might make more people play the game.

I like that, although the course didn't turn, the cars seemed to be turning which gives the player the illusion that they are turning.

Some things I recommend you work on are:

  • The car collision boxes should be smaller, either the same size as the cars or even smaller. Otherwise, players will feel the game is unfair.
  • Getting the full-screen functionality to work in the browser :)
  • Making the jump pickups better integrated into the game's aesthetic. Also the jump, life, course numbers at the top could be bigger, pixelated text
  • The jumps don't really seem necessary in the game as is. The game might benefit from having "hurdles" that come instead of cars that you have to jump over. Or, track the player's score and replace the jump pickups with bonus point pickups

Great job!

thank you for playing! yes, I have several frames for each car. It is my first racer with Pseudo-3D-Graphics. I have made the collision boxes now smaller!